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Whilst I support emulation and the preservation of old video games, owning a ROM when you do not own the game itself, (in the same format, eg.collections on modern systems do not count! I personally own many modern collections as well as the originals as not only does is support the companies but is also worth it for the extra content.) is as I understand, illegal.

Do not abuse the content in this blog for misuse. I shall not be liable for misuse of content.

If anyone has any questions regarding the matter, do not hesitate to contact me.

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My Views on Gaming Today

Time for something a bit different.

Something that may turn into a bit of a grumpy old man argument.

This is my current, personal view on the gaming industry and general environment.

Get ready for a rant!!

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Well, what can I say about one of the most loved and most iconic characters in videogame history?

A blue hedgehog. Nowadays you’d be fired for the idea

A character and his first game which was the base for many sequels and is surviving in one form or another to this day.

Sonic the Hedgehog as an identity is like a typical 90s bad boy but…he’s actually cool!

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720° is apparently one of the first known extreme sports videogames which is quite an achievement.

You spin me right round baby.

First released in the arcades in 1986 it has probably been mostly noted for the phrase ‘Skate or Die!’ which appears when the timer has run out, forcing you to enter an event else a swarm of killer bees end your poor little skating life.

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8 Eyes

The world has been in chaos for hundreds of years and nuclear war became a reality, destroying everything in its wake.

Finally mankind rose and a great King who held the power of the 8 Eyes brought peace back to the Earth.

Are you ready?

But the Kings Dukes sought to gain power for themselves and stole the Eyes, banishing the great King to the nuclear wastelands.

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Metal Slug – 1st Mission

The Metal Slug series have been a favourite for many and it’s not hard to see why.

Welcome to the jungle.

Fast paced horizontal shooting action with beautiful hand-drawn graphics and humour at every step, each game is a classic.

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3D WorldRunner

3D WorldRunner or The Battles of 3D World Runner is a game that has become one of my all time favourites.

Run Forrest!

You are the WorldRunner and your mission, which you cannot refuse to accept, is to run, leap, bump and shoot your way through 8 planets to obliterate evil snake aliens.

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Captain Commando

Captain Commando is a beat em up made by Capcom starring, yep Captain Commando!

3D TVs?!?! It fortold the future…

The Captain was previously a kind of mascot for Capcom and while being ignored in recent years he still has appeared in crossover games such as Marvel vs Capcom.

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